Media Statement – BBIG State Rail Agreement

On behalf of the Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation,  Belinda Churnside would like to congratulate BBI Group on signing with the WA State Government it's rail agreement. BBI Group have being working closely with the Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation to conduct a series of heritage surveys in respect to the future planned rail and port projects. BBI Group have worked very professionally and showed respect and understanding to the cultural significance of these heritage sites and successfully designed a rail project that will not disturb any of the identified heritage sites. The elders of Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation that participated in the heritage surveys are very pleased that a favourable outcome was achieved considering the number of heritage sites in such a culturally rich region. To view the full statement, click here … [Read more...]

Media Backgrounder: New port and industrial land on Ngarluma country at Anketell

The Western Australian State Government plans to develop a new port, strategic industrial areas and service corridor at Anketell on 4300ha of Ngarluma traditional land. Negotiations between the Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC and the State Government to agree an outcome for the Ngarluma people have been finalised and officially announced on 23 April 2014.  The Ngarluma people  The Ngarluma people are the original inhabitants of the coastal and hinterland areas around Roebourne (West Pilbara, Western Australia). Archaeological surveys have revealed continuous occupation and ancestry stretching back more than 30,000 years giving the Ngarluma people a deep historical and spiritual connection to the land, waterways, rivers and the sea.   Click here to download the full media backgrounder … [Read more...]