What We Do

Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation

The Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation is the registered native title body corporate which holds and manages the native title rights and interests on behalf of the Ngarluma People. The native title rights of the Ngarluma People were determined in 2005 by the Federal Court, including:

  • The right to access (Ngarluma Country);
  • The right to engage in ritual and ceremony;
  • A right to camp and build shelters;
  • A right to fish;
  • A right to collect bush medicine;
  • A right to hunt and take fauna;
  • A right to hunt and take flora;
  • A right to take ochre;
  • A right to take water;
  • A right to cook on the land;
  • A right to care for and protect sites of significance in Ngarluma Country, including the right to impart traditional knowledge concerning the area)