The Team

Board of Directors

As an Aborigional corporation NAC is required to meet a number of requirements, one of these is a board of directors. Our board meets a minimum of once every three months, and must have at least 7 directors to make a quorum. Currently we have 12 directors, our constitution requires a fair distribution across the many Ngarluma families. Our board is up for election every year at the AGM.

Directors have a duty:

  • of care and diligence
  • not to improperly use their position or information
  • not to trade while insolvent
  • of good faith
  • to disclose conflicts of interest

2018 NAC Board of Directors nominations

Camilia Samson
Jennilee Smith
Nellie Connors
Josephine Samson
Jennifer Smith
Amanda Mowarin
Beverley Quartermaine
Robyne Churnside
Loreen Samson
Sandra Clifton
Rachel Dhu

Leslie Murphy
Phillip Marshall Ineligible insufficient time as member
Duane Jackamarra
Michael John Walker
Marshall Harry Mowarin
Sidney Cedric Walker
Gerrard Hicks Ineligible insufficient time as member

Proxy votes must be received by 8:30am on Thursday 8th February 2018 (i.e. no later than 48 hours prior to the commencement of the AGM on Saturday 10th February 2018).
Proxy form

2018 NTKML Board of Directors nominations

Amanda Mowarin
Victoria Hovane
Joanne Abraham
Maureen Kelly
Maxine Brahim
Nellie Connors
Anne Tallon

Nick Fabriziani
Tyson Mowarin
Floyd Churnside
Merv Lockyer Withdrawn
Justin Agale
Kane Abdullah
Keith Lockyer
Marshall Harry Mowarin