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Charitable Trust

Ngarluma Tharndu Karrungu Maya Ltd (TRANSLATION) is a charitable trust which holds, divests and invests funds for the charitable purposes of Ngarluma People (the Trust). The Trust holds a majority of funds in a future fund, which is used to develop a strong financial foundation in creating a future for Ngarluma People and Country. The Trust has developed a Members Services Unit (MSU) to manage applications for emergency assistance and direct benefits payments in general, which seek to alleviate poverty and promote the health and education of Ngarluma People. The Trust is always scrutinising the ways in which funds can be used to benefit the Ngarluma community, in particular developing a sustainable future for Ngarluma children, and the daily operations of the MSU as to how best meet the immediate needs of the Roebourne community.

Ngurra – Land

The term ngurrara refers to the Ngarluma People who are the traditional owners of Ngarluma Country. The word derives from ngurra, which can be translated to include land, earth, country, place, home or camp. At its widest level, a Ngarluma Person’s ngurra is the whole of their land, country or territory.

The NAC and its related entities are currently developing property holdings and land tenure, including agreements with the local shire, government departments and private businesses, all of which are designed to benefit the Ngarluma People into the years to come. Current initiatives include housing for Ngarluma Elders, construction of commercial offices, residential accommodation and general development of the areas in and surrounding Roebourne.

Mt Welcome Pastoral Station

The NAC is also responsible for the oversight and management of Mt Welcome Pastoral Station, which stretches some 20,000 hectares through Ngarluma Country. The history of Mt Welcome dates back to the turn of the century, and has evolved from a sheep station to presently running several hundred head of cattle, with planned increases. The operations of Mt Welcome are run in consultation with miners and stakeholders who hold rights throughout the pastoral lease. Current activities on Mt Welcome include repair of boundaries and fencing, increased security, and construction of station hands and manager’s accommodation. Mt Welcome is always seeking workers who are seeking a high-level experience of pastoral care and labour, including helicopter mustering and training in a wide range of mechanical and farming skills.